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5 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About BestPrice App

You thought you knew everything about BestPrice

App….not so fast. As is our culture, we decided to talk to some of our customers to find out how we could better serve them. To our shock, we discovered some of the things they requested for, we already offer. There was only one problem. Most of them didn’t know these services existed.

  •   It has notification capabilities for when a customer clicks on go to store.
  • You can generate a huge numbers of customers, either online or walk-in.
  • You can upload your location / or it can read your location
  • Over 6000 Merchants on the BestPrice App – Some of the products you see are sold and fulfilled by merchants across Nigeria. BestPriceApp however does not control product prices as prices are determined by each merchant.
  •   The BestPrice App is Faster, Easier and Helps you Save More Data – Would you like to save more data while shopping? Then the BestPrice app is your all-time answer. A special feature will also be coming up very shortly .Need we emphasize that you should download the app now?

 Download gobestapphere

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  1. Hi, i made a download and i must say the app is cool….it’s more or less an online store yet a walk-in, not afraid to travel anywhere and have to worry about where to get price app to the rescue…welldone